I am a graphic designer by day, and a domain name entrepreneur by night and weekends. I buy and sell domain names, and t-shirts that I designed for fun and profit.

Most my design work is corporate logo and brand identity. I sometime design t-shirt  for myself, or for my friends, and I sell them on Threadless or Spreadshirt. One of current popular t-shirt I designed for a friend is Yung Nippon.

I came up with Dotintosh because I was inspired by how the MacIntosh’s brand is so iconic and familiar that even millennials like me know what it is even though I’ve never touch one. So when I thought of the name for my new business, I wanted something unique yet familiar, something easy to remember, easy to say and easy to type. The result is DOTINTOSH.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Anyway, this website is a work in progress. I’m working hard to post as many domain names that I think will worth your visit again.

Reminder, if you see something you like, drop me an hi [at] dotintosh.com and make me an offer I can not refuse.

Cheers, Sebastian vB, IV

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